'Rose Lore' Reception, Maryland Theosophical Society, Baltimore, MD, August 29, 2008
David Keltz
Celeste Whitehead
Rev. Robert McMillan,
Hospice Worker-
Lecturer Religion Science
Valerie Duke
with Truffles rep.
Amateur Rose Art Competition, Lake Park Public Library, Florida, Feb. 2009 -
Joint effort of The Rose Project and Artists Showcase of the Palm Beaches
Winner of the First Prize,
Alexandra H. Lunz,
'Melting Rose'
The Second Prize,
Joan Z. Faber,
'Tea Rose'
The Third Prize,
Nina Golub,
'Blue Rose'
The Fourth Prize,
Stanley D. Anderson,
'The Rose Of Life'
Rose Lore Presentation in UN
Friendship Club, New York ,
November 20, 2009
Past Events of The Rose Project
"Living The Rose"
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A Rose Conference and Lyceum, Maryland Theosophical Society, Baltimore, Oct. 17, 2010
Airi Yoshioka
plays a fragment from
An Electronic Polytopia:
The Old Rose Reader
Joshua Blackwell
plays a fragment from
Romeo and Juliet Love Theme:
"What is a Youth?",
arranged by Manchini
The Jacques Marchais Museum of
Tibetan Art and The Rose Project,
Staten Island, NY, May 15, 2011
"Rose Lore"  Book Talk, East Brunswick
Public Library, NJ, February 6, 2012
Dr. Frankie Hutton spoke to
The Greater Palm Beach Rose Society,
Palm Beach, Florida, October, 22, 2012
Rose Lore
Dr. Frankie Hutton
and Dr. Tobe Levin at
Deerfield Beach
Florida Theosophical
November 11, 2012
Aspects of Water and Well Being Conference,
Tinton Falls, NJ
, October 28, 2012
roseproject. com
lastingpainrelief. com
Rumi & The
Metaphysics of Roses at
The Theosophical
Society in Maryland,
Baltimore, MD,
December 2, 2012
The 15th Annual International Theosophy
Conference How to Awaken Compassion? H.
P. Blavatsky and the Eternal Secret Doctrine,
New York, NY, August 8 - 11, 2013
Frankie Hutton is a Student of Theosophy
founder of the Rose Project
(www.roseproject.com). She is an award
winning author and researcher, a former
collegiate professor and journalist. Her
latest book, Rose Lore: Essays in Cultural
History and Semiotics is soon to be
published in Mandarin. Frankie regularly
lectures to Theosophy groups in
Baltimore, Deerfield Beach, Florida and
New Jersey and has served on several
boards and commissions, civic and
Cosmic Consciousness,
Universal Mind, Earth
Energy - What’s the
Connection? Dr. Frankie
Hutton spoke to The
Theosophical Society in
Maryland, Baltimore, MD,
June 30, 2013
Rose Lore Presentation at The
Amaranthine Museum, Baltimore, MD,
March 7, 2010
Dr. Frankie Hutton and Dr. Tobe Levin
ROSE Museum in Germany,
October, 2013
Alte SchulstraBe 1
61231 Bad Nauheim-Steinfurth, Germany
Dr. Frankie Hutton, Dr. Tobe
Levin and Dr. Albert Amao at
Pure Light Gift &
Highland Park, NJ,
November 24, 2013
Dr. Frankie Hutton's
public lectures:
'Cosmic Consciousness,
Universal Mind, Earth
Energy', Miami, FL,
March 30 & 31, 2014
A Series of Rose
Lecturers, Meditations,
Workshops at Pure
Light Gift & Bookstore,
Highland Park, NJ,
February - April 2014
Annual Celebration of Roses, featuring annual lecture by Frankie Hutton and live
traditional Irish Rose Music by Ryan Dunn, Catherine Yard and Greg Bowen,
Baltimore, MD, April 27, 2014
Ryan Dunne - Irish
Ryan Dunne, Catherine Yard and
Greg Bowen - Irish Musicians
A Reception and Rose Lore,
Third Edition, Book signing at
Cotswold Lodge for Frankie
Hutton, sponsored by Tobe Levin
and Uncut Voices Press, and a
toast to Dr. Maria Jashock's
Endorsement of the new edition,
Oxford, England, June, 2015
Rose Project in Asheville, NC, August, 14-15, 2015
Hosted by Su Shen Huang & Duncan Tam
Su Shen Huang &
Duncan Tam
Su Shen Huang, Frankie
Hutton, Duncan Tam
Su Shen Huang &
Frankie Hutton
North Asheville Public
Library Audience
Rose Project Lecture
presented by Frankie
in Monmouth Center for
Religions and Ethical
Thought, Lincroft,
Jersey, November, 5, 20015
Global Pyramid Talk
With Demonstrations,
lecture by Frankie
, Baltimore,
November, 13,
Frankie Hutton’s Deerfield
Beach, Florida
Lecture/Demonstrations Palm
Sunday March 25th, 2018 - an
introductory talk with
demonstrations which delve into
the wonders of energetics,
polarity balancing and protection,
as well as initiation rites of
ancient Egypt.