About  Us
Mission of The Rose Project: to promote "Living the Rose"

In partnership with community groups and 501(c)3 organizations:

Considering the beauty, quiet perfection, fragrance, readiness for
crossbreeding and other fine qualities of the rose such as super soft petals and
useful nutrient enriched oil, our mission is to:

<>   keep beauty alive in our lives through lovely creations

<>   serve others and community for the good of all

 work  to Create Balance in our lives and in the universe

<>   encourage education about the rose, an important symbol that has had  a
presence in major religions and cultures globally for thousands of years

<>   quietly, like the rose, work for inner peace and peace on earth
Thanks for Global Creative Support "Rose Work" to:

Valerie Duke-Maryland
Leroy Keltner-Maryland
Colin Goodall-New Jersey
Frank Pauling-New Jersey
Latanya Jenkins - Maryland
Hisae Osawa - Osaka, Japan
Actor David Keltz  -  Maryland
Celeste Whitehead  -  Maryland
Dr.Yuki Tanaka-Hiroshima, Japan
Toni & Carl Randolph-South Florida
Dr. Daryl Dance - Richmond, Virginia
Dr. Tobe  Levin  -  Frankfurt,  Germany
Dr. Margarita del Olmo  -  Madrid, Spain
Godfrey Okorodus  -  Nigeria and Belgium
Airi Yoshioka    -    Japan and New York City
Mark N. Hutton     -     Florida and  New Jersey
Alex Prodovikov - Moscow, Russia and New Jersey