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Sunday June 6, 2010
Archetype of love & peace
(Rose Lore: Essays in Cultural History and Semiotics, edited by Frankie Hutton)
by Shelley Walia
Dear Dr. Hutton:

We at the Deerfield Theosophical Society very much appreciate the fine power-point lecture
you gave us on your scholarly and beautiful book of essays,
Rose Lore.

You, together with your international team of scholars and teachers crafted this very readable,
well-honed and meticulously documented   tome about the metaphysical, historical  and
cultural aspects of the rose; the flower you so aptly define as the quintessential flower of our

Your excellent people skills combined with your charm and depth of knowledge make for a
very satisfying and intellectually stimulating presentation. And we also thank you for your
generous donation of books and CD'S to our library.

We also wish you huge success with the translation of
Rose Lore into Mandarin, and hope that
you can give us another talk in the near future when your busy schedule permits.

Thank you so much.

With gratitude  and best  wishes from the members and friends of our lodge,

Lillian Mayer,
Recording Secretary
Theosophical Society

Miami S. Florida (Deerfield)
831 SE 9th Street
Deerfield Beach, FL  33441        (11/12/12)
  Dear Frankie Hutton

  I purchased your book,
Rose Lore, to aid my research of the archetypal meanings
of the rose for a paper that I am writing about an American work of art,
The Rose,
by Jay Defeo. Your book greatly surpassed my expectations. Thank you for
undertaking such a fascinating project.
  I noticed that you are presenting a book talk at the Orchard House Cafe, in NYC.
Do you by any chance know the date of this talk? I would very much like to
attend, but I cannot seem to locate the date on the cafe's website.
  I would be happy to send you a draft of my paper when it is complete, perhaps it
will be of interest to you.
  Much thanks and best regards,

  Anne Reed               (02/03/13)