Founder's Message
Frankie Hutton's Message

Our thanks and kind salute to new comers to the project, especially to artist
Martin Cervantes whose original rose art appears on the front cover of the
mandarin version of Rose Lore, just released by Peking University Press.

Those of us connected with the Rose Project have accomplished great feats
over the past 8 years since the original hardcover book
Rose Lore: Essays in
Cultural History and Semiotics
was published by Rowman Littlefield.

We have produced Rose related public programs of music, lectures and poetry
in Miami, Deerfield Beach and Palm Beach, Florida, in Baltimore, Maryland,
New York and New Jersey, often at the Theosophical Lodges, but also for
private groups such as the Greater Palm Beach Rose Society.

All of the programs have had one mission: to heighten public awareness about
the magnificent, wondrous, cultural and metaphysical aspects of the Rose, the
quintessential flower of the universe.

Our goal is no different than many other right thinking spiritually aware
groops. We continually promote “Living the Rose,” which means essentially
discipleship living and we seek to work toward global connectivity and human
understanding. We are inspired to promote kindness, and to do our part, thru
the message of the Rose, to make the world a better place for all.

We are grateful to scholar, humanitarian Dr. Tobe Levin, founder and CEO of
Un/cut Voices Press for producing a fine, limited paper cover edition of
in 2012 and for masterminding the China Women's University
connection. Now we salute the new Mandarin version of
Rose Lore and a new
book chapter on the Rose in Chinese culture written by collegiate professor
Yaping Qian.

Likewise, we pay tribute to Dr. Fatma Mizikaci, Turkish scholar, for leading
us to Dr. Gamze Demirel formally at Suleyman Sah University in Istanbul, who
has rendered a fine contribution on the Rose in Turkish history and culture.
Ryan Dunne in Maryland, musician and actor, has written an insightful
chapter on the rose in Irish music; Vicki Eaton reflected on the rose in
Vietnamese culture and, a native of South India, Uma Swaminathan  designed
the cover to the Third Edition in English and researched the rose in Tamil
culture which is wide ranging and historically unique.

So much work to do, as we research and explore aspects of the Rose globally!