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Rose Lore: Essays in Cultural History and Semiotics Edited by Frankie
Hutton, Ph.D. with a team of global contributors, 2008
ISBN 0-7391-2667-9
Essay-Chapter Contributors to new anthology:
*Seymour Ginsburg - Illinois and South Florida (Prologue)
Mario Fenyo - Maryland (Foreword)
Michael Wassegijig Price - Montana (Ch.1: Wild Roses and Native Americans)
Tobe Levin - University of Maryland in Europe, Frankfurt, Germany (Ch.2: FGM Or Cutting The Rose In
Alice Walker's Garden
Albert Amao - Peru and New Jersey (Ch.3: Rose Symbolism in Qabalistic Tarot And Beyond)
Monica Joshi - New Delhi, India and California (Ch.4: Tradition Of The Rose In East Indian Culture And
Ayurvedic Medicine
Lisa Cucciniello - New Jersey (Ch.5: Rose To Rosary: The Flower Of Venus In Catholicism)
Ronald Montgomery Taylor - New York City (Ch.6: The Rose And Astrology)
Frankie Hutton - New Jersey (Introduction; Ch.7: "Dying Laughing": The Rose From Yeats to Rumi; Ch.8:
Rose Vignettes: Black Plague To Gulag; Ch.9: "...Blossom As The Rose" in OAHSPE, The Emerald Tablets,
And The Holy Bible
2012 Limited Edition Rose Lore: with Dr. G. Demirel
UnCut/Voices Press
*Gamze Demirel - Istanbul, Turkey (Ch.7: Roses in Turkish Culture and Literature)
Introducing Rose Lore Audio CD, 2012
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Meditation on the Rose - Rose Lore DVD preview, 2014
Two new editions (in Mandarin & in English) of Rose Lore, 2015: with  
Maria Jaschok, Uma M. Swaminathan, Vickie TuongVi Eaton, Yaping Qian,
Ryan Dunne
*Maria Jaschok - Oxford, UK (Endorsement of the 2015 Mandarin Edition)
*Uma M. Swaminathan - South India & New Jersey (Ch.8: The Rose in South India's Tamil Tradition)
*Vickie TuongVi Eaton - Vietnam &New Jersey (Ch.9: Personal Reflections on the Rose in Vietnam)
*Yaping Qian - Beijing, China (Ch.10 China Rose -the"Empress Flower" in China)
*Ryan Dunne - Maryland (Ch.11: The Rose in Traditional Irish music)